sonderzug Three ideas of installations in the city as memorials for the deportations
[with the collaboration of Richard The + Frédéric Eyl]
parasite is an independant projection-system that can be attached to subways and other trains with suction pads. Confusing the routine of your train-travelling-journey, your habits and perception the projections Parallel Worlds – making use of parasite – allow you a glimpse into a different world full of surrealist imagery.
[with the collaboration of Richard The + Frédéric Eyl]
aperture aperture is a facade installation with interactive and narrative displaying modes. Consisting of an iris diaphragm matrix, the facade’s surface with its apertures’ variable opening diameters is enriched by a dynamic translucency, that creates new imagery as well as a new channel for communication between inside and outside. [with the collaboration of Frédéric Eyl]
al mare A generative welcoming gesture is in store for the visitor in the entrance – hall of some zoo aquarium short term assignment A swarm of fishes mooves calmly within a floor projected aquarium area. The projection–layer shapes the water surface. Entering the entrance–hall, the visitor startles the fishes with his movement. After a moment, they rush towards the viesitor, giving him a warm gentle welcome. [with the collaboration of Willy Sengewald]
blindness The work is intended to show people the point of view of blind persons. The photographs depict contrasting areas and structures containing haptic and auditory perceptible information. The blind man orientates himself to this information. His field of vision serves as a model for visual language, however the horizon, as a central orientation element, is missing. [with the collaboration of Willy Sengewald]